Thursday, December 20, 2012

CCDD 122012—Deep Contemplation

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/20/2012 - I'm guessing Deep Contemplation is broken in a couple combo decks and nearly unplayable in everything else. Of course, that's true for most cards made to be combo pieces.

Somewhere between Hatching Plans and Cloudshift, I can see this getting some decent use in Limited. Bounce an ETB creature so you can recast it with a cantrip attached. Maybe two if you're mad for value.

The question "Why not an instant" is inevitable, so I'll get right to it. This card isn't about saving your guys from removal; It's more about a strategic redeployment or perhaps, calling your generals back from the field for some war room brainstorming. Mechanically, this is built for the Johnny-Spike player to find the deck where it shines and produce value at the cost of tempo.


  1. Finding some way to give this thing flash (i.e. Leyline of Anticipation) might be worth it, if only to cast it in response to your Restore Balance going off. I think this is much more powerful than it appears at first glance. Cool design, possibly undercosted.

  2. Hahaha, it's a bag in the wind.

    It makes me want to play it with Lich and Dark Confidant and Sarcomancy etc. I like it! But even with the drawback of returning fair permanents you control to their owner's hand, should someone really be able to draw 4 or more cards for 1U? Development will probably increase the mana cost to 2UU or 4U.

  3. yeah, the cost could probably be upped, it remind me of Glimpse of Nature at this cost.

    anything that combos with Ornithopter gets my attention

  4. Ian points out that any cost that is fair is also unappealing. I don't know that he's wrong.

    While I usually have a pretty good bead on appropriate costs, I readily admit that I have no idea how much this particular card could/should cost.

    1. I'd go at least above 1U so you can't slap it on Isochron Scepter for the abusable combo that almost certainly exists.

    2. Scepter only takes instants, but this is still bonkers at 1U. I think Nich's estimate is about right.

  5. I like the idea of this card. But 1U seems pretty ridiculous. If it were nonlands, I could see this happening for 1U and potentially abusable in some combo decks. With the ability to bounce lands though, I think this is a way too strong effect for 2 in Limited. Being able to pick up a majority of your lands in the late midgame to lategame for almost no mana at all and drawing 3-4+ cards just seems too strong. I'm with Nich on this one: 2UU seems like a potentially fair mana cost. At least in limited, this card would still be interesting. As for constructed, everything beyond 3 mana probably makes it tough to use.