Monday, December 3, 2012

Set Design: Round 3 Pitches are Up!

The third round pitches have been pored over with fine-toothed combs, and we are down to three sets left from the original eight.  The survivors are:
The sets we're cutting are:
  • Sephorgia.  Despite many promising attempts, we never found a truly satisfying mechanical heart for the enchantment set.  I have no doubt that it's possible, but it was far enough behind the other candidates that we gave it the boot.
  • Athambia Academy.  We loved this set a lot, but finding the right thing to focus on proved a serious difficulty.  There was no one direction that we found sufficiently promising, so it also had to go.
Our sincerest thanks to everyone who submitted pitches in the third round!  You may not know it, but we spend a lot of time reading and pondering the merits of everything you design for us.  This entire design process wouldn't happen without you, and we're very grateful for your time and creativity.

Now that we're down to three candidates, there's only one step to go before we choose which of these ideas will become an actual set.  The final challenge will be posted in a few days.  In the meantime, please post feedback in the comments of the entries (or on the message board) so that we know what you like and don't like about our top three options.  It's also never too soon to brainstorm where you think each set should go.  In the final round, there will be no restrictions at all on who can pitch which set.

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