Thursday, February 14, 2013

CCDD 021413—Crack the Whip

Cool Card Design of the Day
2/14/2013 - Wha-Chi! Wha-Chi!


  1. I love this card. I can't think of anything I want to change about this card.

  2. Yup, very cool. Granting Haste is a nice touch. It lets you use it productively on your own guys, unlike predecessors Bullwhip and Aggravate.

  3. This card is awesome. Adding Burst of Speed to Electrickery is an idea I would have never thought of. It's like it has better(?) Cycling!

  4. I've almost the exact same design mentioned by someone on Twitter, without the damage part. (By a guy named Crypt Rat) Your version looks kind of like a spell version of Bullwhip though, in the style of Orcish Cannonade and Assassinate, which is neat.

    I like the way the spell has multiple uses, almost like a Charm spell, but the effects are tied together by solid flavor.

    1. I ended up with 2/3rds of this effect for one of the Gatecrash arts, but didn't have the damage.

      It's certainly in keeping with the flavor you've picked here, and does a good job of letting you kill opposing creatures while also keeping inexperienced players from wasting it to give their own small creatures haste. Cool!