Thursday, February 28, 2013

CCDD 022813—Hunter of the Infernal

Cool Card Design of the Day
2/28/2013 - What if instead of inhibiting interaction with Protection, we had an alternative that promotes interaction. The downside is that Hunter of the Infernal can't block all day like Elite Inquisitor, but the upside is that you get to attack your demons rather than attack past them, which is an odd thing for a monster hunter to do.

There's certainly an argument for vigilance to be added, so that you can hunt more than one devil at a time, but its not as if this creature is anemic as-is.

As a side note, yeah, this art is a little sexist. Imagine the breast skin is a breast plate.


  1. I like it! But maybe instead of the second ability you go for:

    Hunter of the Infernal 1WW
    Creature- Human Soldier
    Prowess against Devils and Demons (Whenever this blocks or is blocked by a devil or demon, double its power and toughness)
    Devils and Demons must block Hunter of the Infernal when able.

    I really like prowess as a replacement for protection. It's basically bushido, but it saves space by just doubling the power/toughness.

    1. This also helps because most of the demons in the game are bigger than X/3, which puts the hunter in awkward positions of not killing the creature it's hunting.

      Also, I clearly have bushido on the brain.

  2. This is superb! I don't think it's perfect, since most Demons wouldn't die to this, which is weird when it's supposed to be good at hunting demons, but that just means I'm giving this an A-!

    Don't add vigilance. It wouldn't be as useful for the purposes of hunting the infernal. 1) Many Demons fly. 2) When your Hunter of the Infernal enters the battlefield, you stop Devils (and a few Demons) from wanting to attack. Them being untapped leaves them open to be hunted.

    Though, I do see how Demons can simply be a bonus flavor addition to its more true purpose: kicking the beeswax out of Devils.

  3. Yeah, I didn't really want a card that just automatically kills every Demon. You'll need to enhance it with a Loxodon Warhammer, Griffin Guide or Welkin Guide for that. Even so, it does distract /every/ demon and devil your opponent controls while your team attacks.

    That said, I guarantee players will have the exact same response you both did. I guess its a presentation issue. The card says it hunts demons, yet it doesn't automatically kill them. We could rename it: Brimstone Harrier. We could also just make it bigger. 5/5 for 3WW would take out half the demons. 6/3 for 5W would take out even more.

    1. Haloed Hunter 2WWW
      Creature - Human Soldier
      Devils and Demons must block ~ whenever able.
      Prevent all damage that Devils or Demons would deal to ~.

      (flavortext about angels)

  4. I love this and it looks a lot like a Demon Hunter out of Diablo III. With the skin-showing and everything.

  5. I really like this design but it feels more uncommon than rare to me.

    1. The funny thing is, Hunter of the Infernal is rare because it's a 3/3 for three in white, not because of its abilities. White doesn't get bodies that efficient without a drawback:[3]&tough=+=[3]&cmc=+=[3]&color=+[W]
      But I know what you mean. I guess there's no reason it couldn't be 2WW and uncommon.

  6. This is a fun design, but I don't see it actually battling with Demons or Devils. Won't just both sides attack past each other every turn? Vigilance stops that, I guess. But what about something more baked into the design? Another mix of abilities, other than provoke + Damage Prevention, could be provoke + a selective Masako the Humorless "NAME can block Devils or Demons as though it was untapped."

    1. The turn you cast it, its untapped. Which means it will block the Demon or Devil of your choice if your opponent attacks with any of them. If he doesn't attack, then they'll be untapped when Hunter is ready to attack. Vigilance or Misako's ability would make cause more interaction, but this practically guarantees at least one demon-fight every two turns as-is.