Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dragon's Maze Puzzle

Today's puzzle contains the answer to the question: who was the first to make it through the Dragon's Maze? For each guild, there's a crossword-style clue. The answers associated with the ten guilds fit together into a pattern. Figure out how the pattern works, and you'll unlock the identity of the winning maze runner!

  • Azorius: Hangman's need
  • Boros: Lowest point
  • Dimir: Cost that can be paid while Sudden Shock is on the stack
  • Golgari: Secret rulers of Mercadia
  • Gruul: Type of bottle you get by combining two Bösium Strips
  • Izzet: It may be formal or fuzzy
  • Orzhov: "White & _____" (Weird Al single)
  • Rakdos: Owl from Tidehollow
  • Selesnya: Checkers' owner
  • Simic: Like Hepburn's holiday

The answer to this puzzle is posted here. Comments are disabled to prevent spoilers.