Friday, May 31, 2013

CCDD 053113—Rippling Reflection

Cool Card Design of the Day
5/31/2013 - Moar CLONES!

Specifically, Rippling Reflection lets you clone a creature for just a turn, duplicating its ETB triggers and possibly more if you clone with discrimination.

The blue version is purer and aimed directly at Johnny.

The red version is easier to use, and so more appealing to Spike.
"It" should be clarified as "Rippling Reflection."

I like the flavor of the red version better, but the simplicity of the blue version.
Which do you prefer?

…Turns out the red one is functionally identical to Heat Shimmer. Yeah.


  1. The Red version is basically Heat Shimmer, which I always thought was a neat effect for Red. The Blue version has some fun interactions-- copy Vigean Hydropon, next turn attack with a 7/7 sounds good.

  2. Heat Shimmer with Ripple would be fun card.

    The blue version might also serve as some sort of Illusionist rather than shapeshifter, depending on the setting.

    1. Actually, if the blue version was target /permanent/, rather than creature, how would we cost it? It'd be rare or mythic, and might be slightly wonky rules-wise, but the chance to emulate a planeswalker entering the battlefield (and get one use of a - ability off before reverting to Runeclaw Bear) seems like it could be exciting. Similar for Sarcomancy-style enchantments, where you can evade the drawback by no longer being present, while still being able to pull off Hydropon tricks or the random 5 life off a Thragtusk.

    2. I like the Illusionist flavor much better.

  3. Before I saw the red version, my first instinct was "Wouldn't it be cute if this cost 1UR and gained haste." I think that way you get the best of both worlds, but it might not read well, I'd have to see it.

  4. The wording you're looking for with the red one is an "if you do, it gains haste and has "sac this at the end step"".

    I do like a creature version of heat shimmer.

    1. I'm fine with letting players try to attack with and sacrifice their 0/0 creatures.

  5. Fork Tongued Devils RR
    Creature Devil (R)
    When Fork Tongued Devils enters the battlefield, you may copy target instant or sorcery spell. You may choose new targets for that copy.

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