Thursday, May 2, 2013

CCDD 050213—Master Plan

Cool Card Design of the Day
5/2/2013 - One of black's favorite shticks is Great Power With Great Risk. What if you could stack your deck however you like? There are dark forces that can make that happen for you…

The goods news is, you should have three very good turns. The bad news is, they'll be your last. You just have to make sure they're good enough to win you the game.

The original version was 7 cards for 4BBB, but seven turns is way too much regardless of the price. Three feels powerful but tense. If that's too limiting for you, consider an X version:


  1. Mr. Motyka points out this card has already been made: Doomsday.
    I like Master Plan better, but it's definitely not new.

  2. Having very few turns is certainly a more fitting risk factor than just losing a bunch of life. I think 3 is probably the right number here, but I could see going for 2 as another possibility. I don't think X is good because it quickly just becomes terrible Diabolic Revelation and loses the risky feeling.

    All that said, I'm not sure this is a card that should actually be printed. It's great for setting up broken combos, but usually not playable in any semblance of a normal deck. Then again, maybe Johnnies will be willing to overlook the obvious methods of abusing it and have a super-efficient tutor they can combo with Mistveil Plains.

    1. It definitely seems positioned for a combo deck, but given that you don't draw any cards immediately, I'm not sure it's fast enough. It's also disruptable in all the normal ways PLUS milling. That's not my area of expertise, though, and I could be way off.

    2. The best combo probably being Laboratory Maniac, because it doesn't need another half (other than card draw) :)

    3. Ha. That's awesome. Just put three Laboratory Maniacs on top.

    4. And Omen Machine finally gets a chance to shine as sick sideboard tech :)

  3. Riffing on this delayed tutor idea + Ancestral Knowledge:

    Demon Tutor 3BBB
    Creature - Demon (M)
    When ~ enters the battlefield, search your library for six cards, shuffle your library, then put those cards on top of it.
    When ~ leaves play, shuffle your library.