Thursday, October 3, 2013

CCDD 100313—Fortune's Favor

Cool Card Design of the Day
10/3/2013 - I was scanning my old CCDD folder for designs that seemed less boring than the ones in my new folder. I found several, but this one from May 2012 stuck out to me because of the art, which reminds me of Theros. I'm not claiming any kind of prescience; I just think it's neat how this could work in Theros almost as-is.


  1. Symmetrical, simple, exciting, and rewards players for doing something they want to do. I like it a lot (and would test it a lot before printing it in a Standard format).

  2. Not sure this is a mono-red card; maybe UR, maybe artifact? I also suspect development would bump up the cost significantly.

    1. Definitely not mono red, this needs blue or green mana.

    2. Yeah, I thought "This is green".
      Very exciting though. The symmetry may mean it can be priced sensibly, where a one-sided version would need to be crazy expensive.

    3. FWIW, I think it's absurd to say "draw a card" is not in a color's pie. It's a fundamental game action everyone gets regardless of their deck choice. To me, the question of color only affects how a color draws more cards.

    4. Hmm? Are you claiming that is Wizards' current philosophy, or it should be? It's one thing to argue that "Draw a card" should be something that every colour gets. It's quite another to say that it is, already, in the official Wizards colour pie. (In certain limited cases like cantrips, it is. But apart from that?)

    5. I'm claiming it should be, or at least could be, not that it is.

    6. If you wanted to add card draw to red and white, how would you do it?

    7. Red gets looting, Browbeat, and the Chandra ability. I don't think it needs much more than that (although I'm not averse to seeing Fortune's Favor in mono-red).

      White card draw makes the most sense as cantrips or tax effects. I could see white getting conditional card draw spells that pay attention to whether your opponent has done something, with some kind of "legal" flavor.

    8. Looting isn't a bad substitute for card draw, but it's not the same (and blue has both).
      Red hasn't had Browbeat for, what, five years?
      Chandra's method of card draw is indeed promising.

      Sanctions {1}{W}
      Play before attackers are declared.
      Draw a card for each creature that attacks you this turn.
      ...of course, that'll fog much more often than it draws anything.

  3. I would probably just do a colorshift into mono green for this one, due to the fact that it is draw in relation to creatures. artifact is another good option. I just can't see red drawing cards this way.

  4. Why not drop the symmetry and make it "Chandra" draw.

    Whenever a creature you control attacks exile the top card of your library. You may play it this turn.

    I agree that all colors should get some form of card draw although I think red needs to involve some form of randomness.

  5. I like this. I'm not sure if it's Red... repeatable card draw on an enchantment feels a little... off. I think R/G might make more sense, but I could see Red getting something like this. Red drawing cards off attacking seems cool.