Thursday, October 17, 2013

CCDD 101713—Blind Ambition & Big Dreams

Cool Card Design of the Day
10/17/2013 - Blind Ambition is a alternate-win condition for black. Black wants to show off its dominance and just having bigger toys is good enough for the color.

Blind Ambition is pretty blunt. While you can have fun stacking the odds in your favor with things like scry, fateseal, Griptide and Vampiric Tutor, all you'll ever get (apart from symmetrical knowledge about who's drawn what) is a win or a wasted card.

Big Dreams was a subtler riff:

This doesn't do much at first blush, but upon closer examination, it'll help fix your draws in the late game by getting rid of extra lands, or it can keep your opponent off lands and efficient spells in the early game. The reverse is also true, though, so unless you're uncommonly lucky, you might want to find a way to break that symmetry.

It's not unlikely that Big Dreams is too small an effect given how often it will help you relative to your opponent. Adding a 'may' or a 'repeat until' or something might push it over the edge. What do you think?

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  1. Change Big Dreams to hit all players and discard all the lowest (or all but the lowest) cmc and it would thrill Timmy casual multiplayer players. Who doesn't like big effects happening all the time? And I'm sure Johnny will figure out a way to make it interesting. Fill his deck with things that don't mind going to the graveyard?