Thursday, January 2, 2014

CCDD 010214—Purge Thought

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/2/2014 - How the hell is it Thursday, already?

Purge Thought is a worse than Pain ({B} for "Target player discards a card") in the late game, at least if your opponent is playing smart, but could hit a player for 6 or 7 while they wait to cast their fatty in the mid-game or cripple them if they discard a land on turn two. Or not. Lots of variance there. Which I would argue is better than a card that's just always mediocre. Uncommon?


  1. This is a very-well-designed terrible card.

    1. My favorite kind! I think there should be a regular design competition of the form "design a strictly worse version of [WELL KNOWN CARD]" to highlight this sort of work.

      This card is actually a great sideboard option for an aggro deck, I think. I'd like to see this being the kind of the card we see go last in packs. I think common is fine for this one.

    2. Aggro doesn't want this card because the aggro player's opponent will simply discard the lowest CMC card she has.

    3. While this is undoubtedly a "bad card", there is some merit to the idea that an aggro deck would appreciate this effect. If your control opponent is discarding cheap cards (or lands), they are less likely to be able to interact with you in the early turns; if they discard expensive cards, you get some extra damage and negate a late-game threat.

    4. The aggro deck sideboarding this wouldn't play it when their opponent could have cheap cards in their hand. Sandbag it til your opponent has one card in hand, you are likely to hit something costing a lot, which could finish off the game.