Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CCDD 021914—Four Green Creatures

Cool Card Design of the Day
2/19/2014 - These are the four designs I didn't submit last weekend, while trying to emulate Ken Nagle's green fatties.

Dryad Beast Bringer exists almost solely in the form of creature tokens, something I'm sure Ken uses, but not as much as Mark.

Goblin Treemonger is efficient and potentially powerful, but not a fatty.

King Gomba is big or will become big quickly, but somehow */* just doesn't look as beefy as 6/6, 9/9, etc, even though it can be larger.

Thunder Lizard is somewhere between Briarpack Alpha and Wolfir Silverheart, not offering as much surprise or staying power, but naturally larger. That's not bad, but I really wanted to find something more self-contained like Pelakka Wurm or Terastodon.


  1. I'm a big fan on Thunder Lizard, and I'm not sure Nagle-y fatties need to be completely self contained. An good number in sets he lead are token-centric and this pump feels similar to me. (

  2. I like Dryad Beast Bringer a lot. This is a great way of giving a small tribe a high-impact creature in the late game. I do wish that the ability didn't have memory issues - I'm wondering if the tokens would be better off as */* where * is the number of forests you control.

  3. Unrelatedly, I'm somewhat unclear on why Dryad Beast Bringer is a creature rather than a sorcery, but that thought process inspired a new Spawnwrithe:

    Swarm Elemental GG
    Creature-Elemental (M)
    ~'s power and toughness are each equal to the number of Elementals you control.
    Whenever ~ deals combat damage to a player, put a token that's a copy of ~ onto the battlefield.

    1. Presumably dryad tribal wants it, or a blue/green bounce deck exists.

    2. The art clearly showed a 'dryad' with two beastie companions. You could omit that creature and make it a sorcery by calling it Shaedra's Summons, where Shaedra is a character that shows up elsewhere. Alternately, this 1/1 hexproof creature could own the ability that sets the P/T of the elementals, so that when she dies, they die.

    3. My unrelated question is why does a beast bringer bring elementals? Can they be Beast Elemental Tokens? because that would be amazing and make my inner Vorthos very happy :)

    4. I for one am amused that Dryad Beast Bringer is neither a Beast nor a Bringer. Clearly it shouldn't be, though I'm less sure of whether Goblin Treemonger should be a Monger.

  4. Goblin Treemonger is cool cool cool.