Wednesday, February 26, 2014

CCDD 022614—Distant Land & Crowded Bazaar

Cool Card Design of the Day
2/26/2014 - Here are two more ideas that trickled out a bit too late to contend for my WAC submission.

Distant Land borrows tech from Leyline of Lightning, Chancellor of the Tangle, Gemstone Caverns, and Serum Powder to let you mulligan without card disadvantage. Because there are no conditions on this implementation, we wouldn't want it to appear on more than one card of each color (if that) since a deck with 20 of these would be degenerate.

Though I'm often most engaged when I'm losing and I think I might be able to turn the game around, I get bored and distracted when I'm so disabled by land screw that there's literally nothing I can do. Inevitably, I count the number of lands I've drawn relative to spells and note the "uncanny" odds of the situation.

Crowded Bazaar leaves plenty of room for drawing more land than you would have liked before turning on, so it will really only help in fairly desperate situations. Who could begrudge you that much?

A much simpler option that only now occurs to me is "Activate this ability only if you control 7 or more lands" though that can help a player who's already ahead just because it's the late game.


  1. That is some very awkward rules text on Crowded Bazaar. Try "only if you control more land permanents than nonland permanents" or something similar. Face-up implies it's in a morph set.

    1. It's very awkward. I was trying to count cards in the graveyard to get closer to comparing all the cards I've drawn throughout the game. Abstracting it to just permanents will make it active nearly all the time (and it would only be off when you wouldn't want to use it anyhow).

    2. I agree face up is odd, but I can think of any clean way to phrase it in rule-ese. Technically it should be something like "if there are more land cards than nonland cards among permanents you control and cards in your graveyard..."

  2. I think distant land should reveal, but that's a templating oversight if anything.