Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CCDD 070914—Graveyard Gourmand

Cool Card Design of the Day
7/9/2014 - What if I could be rewarded for attacking, even if it means trading my creatures for yours? This keyword aims to do that by mirroring bloodthirst (which rewards you for getting through with at least one creature).

This reverse bloodthirst can also reward you for using creature removal (like the original also rewarded you for burning your opponent directly), which is fine because you're still pushing the players toward a less complex board state, and one more likely to end the game.

The above card would be more attractive as a 2/1 with thirstblood 1, but I didn't want to introduce the keyword half-assed. And yes, 'thirstblood' is very much a placeholder name. Feel free to share better names.

I also offer the variant to the right for your consideration, since it feels more distinct from our namesake mechanic. I think it's a worse choice because it's harder for players to evaluate and harder to balance. It would certainly make players reconsidering a block that will trade 3 for 3, but I suspect too much.


  1. Morbid played a lot in this space, perhaps a little too broadly.

  2. This is basically morbid isn't it? I mean, you can always tighten up the mechanic, but I think it's more likely you'd want spell based effects to use this in anything outside Jund.

    1. This is a subset of morbid (basically). That's not a bad thing; all the variants on kicker are more focused subsets of kicker. It's also fine that this only works in one or two colors. Both bloodthirst and morbid did.

  3. When you said "mirroring Bloodthirst" I thought it was gonna be:

    Mosquito Matron 3B
    Creature - Insect
    Bloodlust 2 (Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, put two +1/+1 counters onto target creature that entered the battlefield under your control this turn.)