Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CCDD 120914—Oaknock Expert

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/9/2014 - Mike's submission got me thinking about champion.

Why do champions exile a creature of their own kind? You could say they're protecting those creatures, shielding them from all possible harm as long as they last, but then why would having a creature be a requirement?

Here's another way to express similar flavor.

This take on champion is all-upside, and therefore can't produce cards that are quite as strong, but I like the space: Oaknock Expert isn't a lord because it doesn't pump your elves, and it's not as all-or-nothing as Immaculate Magistrate and the like. It's simply, "If I've got a friend to fight for, I will fight harder."

Could potentially be a keyword, if we don't need much variance in its use:
Steward (CARDNAME gets +2/+2 as long as you control another creature that shares a type with it.)


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    1. Champions exile because WotC wanted to show upgrading. The word "Champion" was being used as a verb. Pichu --> Pikachu

      You went in a different creative direction than I would have, but that's what's interesting about this site. I'd be surprised if we didn't see some variation of your version, eventually.

      "Type" Steward or Steward n

    2. That's definitely what they were going for, but there are no brownie points for lost intentions.

  2. Champion, the WOTC one, is definitely one of the least appealing abilities I've seen, and I even like Echo. Jay's version is much, much better!

  3. Interestingly, what you put your emphasis on was not what I think is the best part of Champion. As I said in the comments to the challenge, and Maro also said that (http://markrosewater.tumblr.com/post/53126275286/did-you-like-the-champion-mechanic), the interesting part is the idea of evolution. Regarding your design, I actually like it much more than Champion itself in regard of the Tribal component, and I'd absolutely argue that your design would have been a better pitch for Lorwyn especially: it's simple, has clear purpose and play well.
    What I envision for the future of Champion, as I already said, is a Chroma -> Devotion treatment (or something in those lines), especially regarding the idea of evolving creatures (see how Pokemon TCG handles evolution for this); I feel that the idea of Evolving/upgrading creatures has so much design space, largely yet unexplored, in Magic.

  4. In a set with heavy tribal (Lorwyn, Onslaught, etc.) this doesn't make for interesting gameplay: the ability will be switched on the vast majority of the time, to the point where when it's switched off, it feels like a downside. ("Oh, you Doom Bladed my other creature, so you two-for-one'd me.")

    In a set with light tribal (Khans' Warriors, Theros's Minotaurs, etc.) this doesn't really warrant a keyword, as the tribal build-around-me isn't something you'd want to spend the mindspace of an ability word on.

    We've seen "threshold one" cards like this in Advocate of the Beast and Angelic Overseer; I'm just not sure it's something we'd want in quantity.

  5. feels like Metalcraft-like mechanic but way more easier. love it. :)