Thursday, December 18, 2014

CCDD 121814—Whisper of the Woods

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/18/2014 - The Fog variants from the last WAC made me realize there's been no simple Fog cantrip. For the most part, skilled drafters ignore Fog except as a sideboard response to cards like Overrun or Flying Crane Technique. Making it a cantrip should make it more main-deckable…

The trouble is that an efficient Fog cantrip would likely be just too good for Turbo-Fog, a deck that we're happy can exist, but is non-interactive enough that we don't want to ever be The Best Deck in any format.

I added a mana to the theoretically fair cost of {2}{G}, on the basis that it's still a more generally useful card in Limited than the one-mana version (though admittedly worse against Overrun), but unfortunately it's still quite good in Turbo-Fog.

I didn't want to add text, but it may be necessary. I looked for a condition that would be easy in Limited but hard for Turbo-Fog:

"If you control an attacking or blocking creature" might be sufficient, but I figured it wouldn't be that hard for Turbo-Fog to run a single creature, especially with Snapcaster Mage skulking about. As a bonus, I suspect Whisper of the Woods will appeal at least as much to the LSPs who maindeck Fog anyway, but do them a disservice less often.


  1. I agree {2}{G} would be too good for Cantrip Fog. But I love your last version. That's a sensible condition and a tasty discount. I really like conditional-cantrips like Peppersmoke and suchlike.

  2. I had noticed this a year or so ago, about the lack of a cantrip Fog, but then they basically printed one in Khans: Blinding Spray. I note they made it uncommon, out of fear that someone would draft 5 of them or something.

  3. Yeah, nothing much to add, but conditional-cantrip seems like a good idea.