Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CCDD 012015—Skilled Madcap

Cool Card Design of the Day
1/20/2015 - Red needs more evasion? It's got a pretty nice piece of very on-color evasion that we just don't use very often. We should use it more often.


  1. I always use Viashino Runner (Which is just this card but 3/2 for 3R) in my Core Set Cube. I'm always shocked they don't use this effect more. It is far more interesting than the Green version (can only be blocked by one creature).

    For what its worth, I think this is too aggressively costed. We don't even have a 1R 3/1 vanilla yet, and I think this ability is usually at least as good as Flying, particularly in Red. "Oh, you left back two blockers, what a shame that I had this Lightning Strike." (To be clear, I think this is all the more reason this ability should show up in Red, I just think this could cost 2R or 1RR and still be a high pick.)

  2. I kind of want this to be a 1RR 4/1 to represent a generic 1/1 Goblin wearing the Skills.

  3. Nothing to add, just, yes that would be nice! I wonder if there's a particular reason why not. And I agree with Tommy, this would be a nice effect even on an average-sized aggressive creature.

  4. The {1}{R} 3/1 is meant to be very strong to help show off the mechanic. While Mardu Scout is a common 3/1 for two, {R}{R} would be safer here. But more importantly a {1}{R} 2/1 with this ability would be quite solid for common and a {1}{R}{R} 4/1 would be a good uncommon.