Wednesday, March 4, 2015

CCDD 030415—Leaping Frog Strike

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/4/2015 - There's a lot of merit in the idea behind Jade's Great Cleave and Czynki's Strike of the Student. I wanted to explore a shorter iteration to see if we can find something that strikes the same nerve but is simple enough for common.

Not quite as simple or novel, but perhaps within threshold for common:


  1. I know it's in-pie for white, but one-shot double strike feels so much like a burn spell that I really only want to see it with red in the cost.

    That aside, I think the Flying Broadstrike model is superior. Sure, the third Leaping Frog Strike is still awesome, but it feels like a letdown after the rush of getting the second. Cards like these want to let the players dream big.

  2. How many combat tricks do you want to run in a limited deck? How many of the same trick?

    1. Definitely depends on the deck. I'd be happy to run 4+ of these in Jeskai. Most decks, not so much.