Monday, March 2, 2015

CCDD 030215—Peasant Army

Cool Card Design of the Day
3/2/2015 - It'll be a bit before the WAC review goes up, so here's a CCDD for now. Peasant Army is directly inspired by Pasteur's Arm the Masses.


  1. This is an excellent design of a terrible card. Templating needs help, though:

    For each Equipment you control, put a 1/1 white Citizen creature token onto the battlefield, then attach that Equipment to that token.

    1. I love the promise of letting you jam your deck full of equipment without fear, but I agree with both of Evan's points. This is definitely fine at {2}{W}, and maybe even cheaper, but moreover, I'm not sure it's in the right spot. We don't want enough equipment at common for this to be a draft build-around or the creatures tend to become interchangeable. For that reason I think equipment rewarding cards are generally best relegated to rare.

    2. I like the design, but my biggest concern here is that this isn't what the equipment deck guy/gal wants. Don't they want to assemble Voltron?

      In the Magic-esque game I've been designing for... too long, it has been a perpetual issue to address how you can mechanically represent a group that cares about "equipment," since it so heavily requires drawing the right mix of creatures and buffs. Making lots of cards that incidentally produce 1/1 tokens is one solution I've had success with.

  2. Great minds think alike, I suppose...