Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CCDD 061715—Sandtribe Marauders

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/17/2015 - Here's a design from my old folder. I don't propose it as a cycle like Mudbrawler Raiders, and certainly not a keyword mechanic, but I do like the flavor of one or two cards that are just so unrelatable to a certain color that both sides refuse to interact, even to kill one another.


  1. It's far less problematic than Intimidate because pretty much every deck has at least two colors, but I still think this is too swingy in limited on reasonably sized bodies. Let's put it on more Scathe Zombies so players have sideboard cards but don't just randomly get run over.

  2. I love the flavour of this card! Both the idea, and the hyena warriors.

    I'm not sure if it's too swingy or not. Wizards decided to stop using inimidate and landwalk, but these aren't just better against some colours -- they go from being vanilla to being a 3/2 Inkfathom Infiltrator or Tortured Soul which is a drawback too. That's probably sufficiently good it IS just better against mono decks, maybe Jules is right it should have 2 power?