Thursday, September 24, 2015

CCDD 092415—Traveling Companion

Cool Card Design of the Day
9/24/2015 - Traveling Companion is a bit like Hamlet Captain or Wild Beastmaster, boosting another attacker for free, but risking itself in the process. A much simpler Druid's Familiar; less powerful but more attractively costed. A more daring Kithkin Daggerdare.


  1. This card makes me think a lot of things, which are mostly niggling development-y things, but design wise I feel this should be white, because this wants to be played in a Weenie deck with lots of small aggressive creatures.

  2. See also Bazaar Krovod and Burrenton Shield-Bearers for the much more defensive and slower version. I thought there was a closer analogue printed in Lorwyn, but I think I was thinking of Cenn's Heir.

    Oh, it's also similar to the keyword mechanic for the white-green policemen in my steampunk set, Collaborate :)