Monday, September 28, 2015

CCDD 092815—Fell Usurper

Cool Card Design of the Day
9/28/2015 - Fell Usurper takes the ambition of Abyssal Persecutor a bit further, and throws in a dash of Karn Liberated shenanigans.

The idea is that if Fell Usurper would win you the game, it counts the win for itself. Why would you put up with such insolence? Well, it does let you start the game with a near-Abyssal Persecutor in play.

That's obviously super hard to balance. Here's a much simpler Usurper:

The only downside to this demon is that you have to sideboard it out after it wins you a game. And since it's only the killing blow that counts, you can use it to soften your opponent up and then finish them off with a Lava Axe or something. Or if you'd lose otherwise, go ahead and pay that cost.

The flavor's slightly weaker here, but basically the Usurper goes off to glory in its victory while you fight on without it.


  1. This is dangerous space, if only because restarting the game is such a hassle. Still, super fun:

    Existential Persecutor 2BB
    Creature - Demon
    The first time a player dealt damage by
    Existential Persecutor would lose the game, that player restarts the game instead.

  2. Regarding the 2nd version, it seems like a really strong card to bring in from the sideboard after game 1. Play a creature-less control deck, and when your opponent sides out their removal, clobber them with a bunch of 5/5 fliers.

  3. I like the "restart the game" and there's something cool here, but in actually, it's a creature that you'll never use to kill your opponent. Never. Abyssal Persecutor works because you can knock them down to 0 life quickly, then you get rid of the Persecutor to win. This guy, you actually do win, but then restart the game and with a 5/5 out you're going to win that quickly which in turn, will restart the game... I feel it's more a black Sharazad than a new Abyssal.

    But there is something cool about a creature who steals your own game win.

    How about removing the trigger and making it static replacement like Abyssal - "If you would win the game, restart the game instead."

    1. I like that static replacement quite a bit. Feels very Demon-y.

    2. That's much more succinct too and doesn't so much lose theme as twists it slightly. Nice.