Monday, November 9, 2015

CCDD 110915—Revenge & Mispronounce

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/9/2015 - Let's say it makes complete sense that blue should have exclusive access to countermagic. There are still ways other colors can respond to spellcasting.


  1. Shunt and the like have allowed Red to steal auras on the stack for years, although Mark has pushed to let Blue own Redirection and Red own Forking (which leaves Red out of the aura stealing business, a business which has historically gone to Blue).

    I think it would be nice if there were more space for other colors to interact with spells on the stack, but I think the design space is very narrow.

    More pickily, I don't think Mispronounce should exist at Uncommon at any cost, as it is basically a Mind Control, and those suck.

    1. I mean, you gain control of the aura, not the creature. It requires you to have this when the aura is cast, and have a better target to move the aura to, so it's probably in the area of "fair".

      Auras sure are lousy technology, though. I imagine many players would not intuit that Mispronounce can't be cast on an aura already on the battlefield.

    2. Gaining control of an aura is the same card advantage swing as gaining control of a creature. I don't think Mind Control becomes Uncommon if you take it onto an Essence Scatter.

      This card is almost assuredly too bad to see play, but it is also just too swingy to be at Uncommon for my tastes.

    3. Aura Graft is a card. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't very good in limited. Even in a environment that had Pacifism etc.

    4. Aura Graft is a card from when Mind Control was printed at Uncommon in basically every set.

    5. That says more about Mind Control than Aura graft though....

    6. It is also a card from when Auras were just uniformly unplayable. I'm in favor of allowing people to play auras without it being wrong.

      If Aura Graft is in the format at Uncommon, I think maindecking any aura is just wrong. It is super easily a three for for one.

    7. "I'm in favor of allowing people to play auras without it being wrong."

      Now that's an argument I can get behind.

  2. I like Spell Fog as a white/green way of interacting with instants/sorceries. Here's a card that's probably unplayable but feels kinda green (also blue).

    Fog Leak G/U
    Tap all lands target player controls unless that player pays 3.

    Charm of Protection G
    Choose one
    -Target spell can't be countered.
    -Regenerate target creature
    -Prevent all damage target creature would deal this turn

    Spell Blink 1W
    Exile target creature or spell. At end of turn, that creature or spell's controller may cast that card without paying its mana cost.