Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tesla: Your Own Resources

This article is WotC safe.
Hi everyone! Last time, we discussed the art of making commons for playtesting mechanics, and continued our work over at the Tesla Project forum. Since last time, we've had some great commons, but playtesting is understandably hampered by the difficulty of collecting all the cards from across the forum posts, past articles, and so on. Well, no longer - this week, I have a lot of resources to share with you all! In addition, I also have some mechanics in need I'd like for us to focus on this week.

I've started a Magic Multiverse set for Tesla, which will house all the playtest commons for our current candidate mechanics, as outlined in Our Refinery. I plan on keeping it up-to-date, and in the near future I plan on plugging in other cards from past Tesla articles as well.

Secondly, here is an MSE set of artwork to use for creating nice-looking playtest cards. It's not perfectly fitting Kaladesh, but it'll do for making appealing playtest commons for online tests or particularly-fancy physical testing!

Lastly, I've updated the Tesla Index, a useful compendium of all Tesla posts. This should make it easier to find older topics, look to past discussions, and dig for old designs.

Finally, a quick note - overall playtest reports go in the "Overall Set" section of the Tesla Project forum. If you're playtesting a single mechanic, or just posting your playtest's findings on a single mechanic, then you can add that to the mechanic's thread in the "Mechanics" section of the forum.

Until next time, everybody - have a great week!


  1. Are we gonna get the ability to add or edit cards on multiverse???
    Or do we just comment for changes required?

    1. Ah, my bad! That was by no means intentional. It's been fixed. Everyone has adding and editing privileges, not only for cards, but also for mechanics, details pages, and so on. I'll make sure the editing doesn't get too ridiculous, though I doubt that will be a problem, as we have quite a nice community.