Monday, December 7, 2015

CCDD 120715—Engrave Guilt

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/7/2015 - This design's been sitting in my folder getting passed over dozens of times for being unworthy. I finally re-worked it.

What was the difference? Originally, it only hit murderers: The target had to have killed a creature to feel guilty. That's slightly more thematic, but the template for it was far too awkward to print. By simplifying the condition to "did it hurt anyone," the card is more elegant (and more powerful). It's also much more comparable to an existing card, Avenging Arrow, helping players evaluate it.

This is white because vengeance/justice. This is blue because Mind Control. Why red? Because red is all about emotions and the impetus for this design was "What emotions besides blind rage can red impart on others for a tactical advantage?"


  1. A neat design, but I don't want any form of Mind Control below rare, even a conditional one.