Tuesday, December 1, 2015

CCDD 120115—Grave Desecrator

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/1/2015 - Here's a dangerous way to get added value from your zombie cards.


  1. I'm not sure why the Grave Desecrator is so picky as to only desecrate Zombies. Haven't those corpses already been desecrated?

  2. This seems like it wants to be a multiplayer card, but it runs out your graveyard really fast if there are more players. What if it just triggered on your upkeep?

  3. I'm struggling to understand why this makes you lose life on your own upkeep. Wouldn't this just encourage people to hold it until the 'yard has enough zombies to instantly kill the opponent, thus rendering the shrinking effect pointless? It's not like she has particularly aggressive stats either.

  4. I love the flavour, but I'm not completely sure about the mechanics... maybe a fixed life loss would be better? Or if it's supposed to be built up to an alpha strike, a one-off sorcery instead? And usually wizards don't do "hurt yourself" cards because it makes them less fun and usually doesn't really balance them, is there a reason this is the exception?

    I'm not sure of the power, my first thought is to play it as a kill in a mill deck, but it only really works in a tribal deck so it's probably balanced there just because of the restriction on creature types you can sensibly play.

  5. This is zombie-tribal card that cares about the gy.

    Black gets to do hurt yourself cards. You do hurt your opponent(s) more than yourself each round, and you could potentially kill one straight out, so the risk that it's unplayable when you're way behind is paid for.

    Clearly, it's a miss, though. Fair enough.

  6. Seems like it's doing the same kind of thing as Graveborn Muse, but depleting the resource in the same way as Cabal Inquisitor (ugh).

  7. I like that it encourages me to attack with all of my zombies and use this and my non-zombies for blocking. With different flavor I would just have "When a zombie you control dies, if it is your turn, target opponent looses 1 life...not your turn, you looses 1 life." It would work with tokens and reanimate effects but not mill. Do people like tribal effects that encourage you to also have some off tribe creatures or is that an unfun drawback?

    1. "When a zombie you control dies, if it is your turn, target opponent loses 1 life" seems like it would appeal to a lot more players. Nice.