Friday, April 22, 2016

Weekend Art Challenge 042216—Perplexed

Hello artisans! Anastase here.This week we are doing something different:

I really enjoy Sean Uy's work over on perplexing chimera and He makes interesting puzzles which I love solving, and I tend to then wonder how slight modifications in card wordings could make the challenge impossible or easier.

This week we are going to take this challenge that Sean proposed and redesign cards from that board state. Choose a card present on the battlefield or in any zone of the game that is shown in this link.

The redesign should affect the board in such a way that it changes the solution (either making you unable to win or able to win differently).

You are not allowed to change mana costs, names and rarities of cards!

Each Artisan can submit one design for a card of each player. If we end up redesigning all cards (unlikely) we will start over with the first card that was redesigned.


  1. This is a toughie, and the witches make a lot of otherwise interesting solutions irrelevant. Here's my best bet:

    Spellwild Ouphe 1G
    Creature - Ouphe
    When an aura card becomes attached to CARDNAME, gain 5 life. Put token copies of that aura onto the battlefield attached to each green creature you control.

  2. Woah! That is an interesting card. Even without the gain 5 life it would be a very interesting card.
    I like it.

  3. This challenge was probably too hard/ too convoluted/ too experimental. I shall tone down the difficulty/crazyness for the next one.

    I suppose I will not be reviewing it this week since there was no real traction.

    Do you have things you would want to see in these challenges? Old favorite types of challenges that I have strayed from?

    1. In general, having to research off site adds a lot of hassle to the challenge. Recommend treating that kind of activity as a bonus, but the main challenge should always be on site.

    2. I liked the idea, but I didn't have time to go and think through another puzzle in addition this weekend.

      I do like the variants we've tried even if they've not all worked out.

      I wonder about a couple of old-school art challenges, where the challenge is primarily finding a design to fit the art, not on further conditions.

      And I like the "design a card that follows the previous submission in X way" games, but I'm not sure if they fit the challenge mode. Maybe have some of those where they're explicitly not reviewed, or where the constraint for the card is less tightly tied to another card (eg. "name a word, next card has to use that word in name/in text")?