Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CCDD 040616—Goblin Elder

Cool Card Design of the Day
4/6/2016 - Here's a creature card based on the cycle-from-play land from yesterday. Another way to make one-drops playable.


  1. The name made me giggle, imagining a goblin telling stories about how things used to be before the fancy 2 and 3 mana spells were cast.
    I probably still wouldn't play this card unless I had a good card that wanted me to cast lots of goblin spells but I like the card as a weak role filler.

  2. I had an interesting idea and I wanted to put it down before I forget:
    Scrap Heap
    Scrap Heap enters the battlefield tapped.
    2U, Untap: Draw a card.
    R, Tap: Discard a card

  3. This + haste as well (with slightly different flavor) could be a good ground floor to really incentivize a goblin-synergy deck in Limited.