Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CCDD 110116—Scrytastic Dual Land

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/1/2016 - Was thinking about costs small enough to fill the role of letting a land ETB untapped, and came up with this half-scry-half-etbt idea supporting two-color decks.

The only control you have whether your land ETBT is the ratio of green/blue cards in your deck to other colors and colorless cards (most notably lands). So to mitigate that, I added the last line, which effectively gives this dual land scry 1, and makes it strictly better than Temple of Mystery. I wanted to try something less clash/kinship-y, so I made a version where you're in control:

You can still get lucky—seeing a card you don't want to scry. As a bonus, you don't have to reveal the card now. …Unfortunately this card is even stronger still. Too strong for land, as you can always choose to have it ETB untapped. Whoops.

So yeah, first design is better here.


  1. The second card is crazy good. It basically comes into play untapped and lets you see your next card, which would already be insane.
    Inspired by Eager Construct:

    Beaver Dam
    When Beaver Dam enters the battlefield, each opponent may scry 1.
    T: Add U or G to your mana pool.


    1. First design is less broken, but having a land that might enter tapped is awkward. The variance between hitting your curve and having it enter the battlefield tapped will just end games