Friday, November 25, 2016

CCDD 112516—Dark Confidence

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/25/2016 - Retroactively posting this sorcery tribute to Dark Confidant.


  1. This seems really, really awful at this cost, but I get why pushing it could be quite dangerous.

    1. At this cost, I'd expect this to be more Limited than Constructed. You could push it to {1}{B}{B}, maybe rare.

    2. I think in limited you would just never play this. This is a constructed card, and should be costed accordingly. But this will be so much worse than Painful Truths even at 1BB unless you really warp your deck around it, and a marginally more efficient card draw spell doesn't feel like the right reward. I think it would rather be way more extreme to feel exciting "Discard your hand and draw 7 cards. Reveal your hand, lose life equal to the total CMC of those cards," or something, maybe an ETB on a big Demon.

    3. Draw 7 and lose that much life?!
      Let's agree to disagree.

      Alt mine:
      Draw three cards and lose life equal to the single highest CMC among them.

      Alt yours:
      Draw any number of cards. Lose life equal to their total CMC.

    4. Your Alt Mine (meaning Alt Yours) is basically Ad Nauseum.

    5. Yup. If you want something different, choose the number before you see any cards.

    6. Or:

      Choose a number. Reveal 5 cards from the top of your library. Put each card with CMC equal to or lower than that number into your hand. Lose life equal to the total CMC of those cards.

    7. XB - Sorcery - R

      Reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal cards with total converted mana cost X or greater. Put those cards into your hand. You lose X life.

    8. Much less risky, but can still get lucky. Nice!