Tuesday, December 27, 2016

CCDD 122716—Sword Prayer

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/27/2016 - As a sorcery, this isn't a combat trick, but it can turn a losing race in your favor.

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  1. ...I'm surprised this card wasn't made before.

    (Checks Gatherer) Apparently mono-white has only two sorceries that pump a creature: "Angelic Blessing" and "Riding Red Hare"

    Mono-Blue only has two: "Distortion Strike" and "Taigam's Strike" (both rebound cards)

    Black has six. Red has nine (if you ignore all the gain control cards).

    But green is the king of sorcery-speed pumps. It's got over twenty.

    The majority of gold sorcery pumps (there are four) are green except for one card: Teleportal.

    This is very strange to me.