Wednesday, December 28, 2016

CCDD 122816—Join the Fray

Cool Card Design of the Day
12/28/2016 - Here's a very simple combination of Raise the Alarm and white P/T boosting.

In a set that doesn't care about tokens, you'd just make this a flash creature with an ETB effect.


  1. The creature with Flash version can target itself, too, and also avoids the feel-bad of being unable to cast it on an empty board when your opponent is at 1 and you just need any creature. So they do differ in somewhat significant ways. Amusingly, the creature strikes me as a borderline uncommon while the instant is clearly common.

    1. Zealous Guardian is a 1/1 flash for 1 with no abilities at common, so a 1/1 flash for 1 with a combat trick attached does seem uncommon, eh? (See also: Briarhorn > Briarpack Alpha.)

    2. Especially if it can target itself.

  2. Another difference I just realized: the instant is better with Heroic. Helps that the flavor is a perfect fit for Theros.