Friday, December 23, 2016

Weekend Art Challenge 122316—Chriscold, Mac-tire & ebonita

Click through to see the illustration and design requirements for your single  card submission, due Monday morning. Every submission warrants feedback, which you may use to revise your submission any number of times. I will aim to review the most recent submission from each designer.

Choose one of these three illustrations to design a card for. Bonus points if it's a holiday promotional card.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


  1. Art B
    Ghost of Christmas Future 1UB
    Creature enchantment - uncommon
    Flying lifelink
    As long as you have 10 or more life, "" is not a creature.

    1. This enchantment does nothing until you have 9 life or less, at which point it becomes a significant flier. Neat.

      It also has lifelink, which is great when you're low on life; unfortunately, it turns itself off which is frustrating.

      I would either find something other than lifelink here, or make the low life a trigger: "When you have 10 life or less, if ~ is not a creature, it becomes a creature."

      WB or mono-B feels more appropriate here, though UB is valid.

  2. Art #2
    Spirit of Killings Future BBBBB
    Creature - Spirit (MR)
    ~ etb tapped
    ~ doesn't untap during your untap step.
    Flying, Trample, Menace

    1. Why do they never make enormous guys that etb tapped and have vigilance? It's just one hoop...

    2. For just five mana, you get a huge evasive creature that can never attack on its own. You'll need to find a way to untap it (or Fling it).

      Trample seems like a bad fit for a ghost (and I think we could find a closer theme for this fatty-drawback), but this looks like a fun puzzle to solve.

    3. Several things:
      -Combos with blue (Merfolk Skyscout + Reconnaissance fun)
      -Should still be somewhat color intensive because of the above but I may have gone overboard. Maybe 2BBB?
      -Trample could be replaced with either deathtouch or lifelink, both of which be brutal on a huge menace creature.

    4. Making those changes we have:
      Spirit of Killings Future 2BBB
      Creature - Spirit (MR)
      ~ etb tapped.
      ~ doesn't untap during your untap step.
      Flying, Deathtouch, Menace.

  3. Wreath-Halo Pegasus
    Creature - Pegasus - Mythic Rare
    Flying, Vigilance
    Prevent all noncombat damage.


    Started off as a holiday card, then as I did research on wreaths and how they represented everlasting life my design took a less un-set turn.

    1. This could completely shut down a red deck, yet it's not terribly exciting otherwise.

      You might make this rare (because our mythics need more potential) and replace the static ability with "T: Prevent all damage target spell or ability would deal this turn" so that red can overwhelm it (and to 'combo' with vigilance).

      Or you could give it mythic potential. "~ can't be dealt noncombat damage. Whenever noncombat damage is dealt, put a +1/+1 counter on ~."

      Otherwise, yeah, this is neat.

  4. Art B
    Yule Wraith BBB
    Cre- Spirit
    When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, stick it to your forehead.
    When CARNAME falls off of your forehead, exile it. Then target opponent puts it onto the battlefield.
    "I said hang the wreaths!" -Gideon, to Liliana

    1. The mana cost is off because I wasn't paying attention. Probably 2BB?

    2. Nope! How about this:

      Christmas Wraith. 2BB
      Cre- spirit
      When ~ resolves, target opponent sticks it to his or her forehead instea of outing it onto the bf.
      When ~ falls off of that players forehead, you may put it onto the bf.

    3. Love the name!

      Might be a bit hard to tap. Charm School solved this by being an enchantment

    4. can this be a one-off keyword

      Decorate {1}{B} (You may cast this spell for its Decorate cost. If you do...

    5. Droqen: that's genius

      Wobbles: that's part of the fun. "Hey buddy that guy doesn't have vigilance. Are you cheating?"

    6. Official change:

      Christmas Wraith. 4BB
      Creature- Spirit
      Decorate 1B (1B: exile CARDNAME from your hand, stuck to target opponent's forehead. When CARDNAME falls off, you may put it onto the battlefield.

    7. And if there's room "I said wreaths!" -Gideon to Liliana

    8. Could art C be some mistletoe pun (with decorate)?

    9. Does this come with some kind of adhesive? Cards don't normally stick to heads. If you're sticking it to your own head, you have motivation to stick it well, but if you're sticking it to an opponent's head, you'd just touch it there and let it fall. Players really shouldn't be forced to touch each other, so we definitely want the opponent to do the sticking (and have some way to make it stick). If that stickiness is about right—good for say 1-5 minutes depending on factors—Christmas Wraith and its decorative kin could be fun.

      This name is great; inevitable for a holiday promo, if they find a less-specific starting word.

      I'm glad cards stuck to a head aren't in play: that definitely had issues.

    10. Cards can stick to foreheads for a limited time, depending on skin texture. I thought this was a common thing

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    1. Art 1

      Tree of Ornamentation 3G
      Creature - Plant
      T: Exchange your life total with the life total of target player without an ornament and give that player an ornament. Then that player may exchange their life total and ornament with the life total of any other player with an ornament.

    2. Like an Ornament Exchange:

      The definition of Ornament is ambiguous, much like Mishra's Toy Shop or Thopter Pie Network.

    3. In a duel without ornaments so far, the first part would cause you to exchange totals with your opponent, and the second part would fizzle.

      In a multiplayer game w/o ornaments so far, you'd take the highest life total. Next time, you'd take the highest life total from another player, who would then have the option to swap with the first. Etc until you've given everyone an ornament (probably dice).

      This does a great job of ensuring you have the most life for a long time, but I'm not seeing a strategic arc beyond that yet. It's chaotic enough I'd want to play with it before deciding one way or another.

    4. I believe the card says "ornament". Who decorates with dice? Lol

    5. Apparently Bunco enthusiasts

  6. Art B

    Ghosts of Christmas 6WW
    Sorcery (Promo)
    At the beginning of your previous turn's upkeep, this turn's upkeep, and your next turn's upkeep, create a colorless 4/4 spirit creature token with flying.
    (If you break time, you forfeit the game.)

    I think this works in un-rules, but wouldn't actually be printable for various reasons, which I think is right for a holiday promo card?

    1. This is pretty hilarious. I'd leave off the reminder text, since A Christmas Carol isn't about time travel (even though it is). Some players will just treat the 4/4 from the turn before as a 4/4 with haste, while others will go back and redo combat and everything. That will occasionally be awful, but I'd imagine more fun than not?

    2. Thank you!

      Hilarious is what I hoped for :)

      However, I'm chastened, as I hadn't realised just how wide the gulf of interpretation could be. I'd assumed that it would work like rocket powered turbo slug or pacts, where you put the token OTB (in this case, without any proof that you have the card in hand, since it's promo card rules) one turn, and another at upkeep next turn, and have to cast this that turn. And if you didn't, you lose for missing a mandatory trigger :)

    3. Jack: I made the same assumption you mentioned. I get a token for no apparent reason, then have to get your card OTB by the end of my next turn or lose the game.

      Maybe it could be tightened up: "Exile CARDNAME from your hand:create a BLAH token. Then you may cast this from exile facedown during your next turn. If you don't, you lose the game.