Thursday, June 1, 2017

CCDD 060117–Legacy of Terror & Secret of Flight

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/1/2017 - Inheritance is a variation on Rancor and Dragon Fangs' recursion abilities; it's free and immediate… provided you've got a valid target to enchant at that moment.

Inheritance doesn't help you when the creature you choose to enchant dies before the spell resolves, but we don't actually want an aura keyword that solves all of aura's problems. That would both defeat the challenge that auras present, and leave players unsatisfied with any other aura mechanic.

Inheritance' reminder text isn't fully literal. Technically, the aura's already in the graveyard by the time the trigger resolves, and you can't attach across zones, so it also returns the aura to play. As that could matter for various enchantresses,  it probably wants to be a replacement ability instead.


  1. Could work for crippling enchantments too if you got rid of "you control" and changed it to "you may";

    Phyrexian Plague
    Enchantment - Aura - Rare
    Enchant creature
    Enchanted creature gets -4/-2.
    Inheritance - When enchanted creature leaves the battlefield, you may attach CARDNAME to another creature instead of putting CARDNAME into the graveyard.

    1. I'd definitely change the template so we can make a couple enemy auras (and also make them better in multiplayer games). Would only want one enemy aura that actually kills, because of the way it goes off like a machine gun, and rare is correct.

    2. I think this would be much more interesting as a Sensory Deprivation variant, so that it couldn't kill the creature on its own.

    3. They've visited the moving killer aura well a few times

      The advantage is interesting, although I'd like to see

      "When ~ is put into the graveyard you may pay (casting cost), if you do return it to the battlefield attached to target creature."

      That partially solves the "countered" problem of yesterday while also providing more shields down moments then letting it move for free.

  2. Secret of Flight certainly can't be a common. Even Curiosity is Uncommon, and though we have seen Last Thoughts at Common, I think this is too neat a package for common.

    That said, it is a pretty awesome design!