Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CCDD 061417—Aetherwalk

Cool Card Design of the Day
6/14/2017 - I made Aetherwalk with the idea that reducing the cost to activate a creature's ability is under-explored and could be fun for Jenny.

I also gave the enchantee hexproof to ensure you'd get actually activate its abilities, but upon review, that half of the card steals the focus from the other half. I mean, I'd pay {U} to make my best evasive creature untargetable, and ignore the tiny discount.

So I re-worked the idea. It now grants a more substantial discount, and instead of granting straight-up immunity to spells, it simply taxes them. Being able to tie those numbers together (and the art) helps crystallize the card's identity:



    Considering the first thing I did was the above search trying to find degenerate combos I suspect this hits the target demographic squarely. 😃

    1. Fwiw Mindshrieker and Sludge Crawler seem like the best creatures and Goblin Cannon is probably the best noncreature (in this category).

    2. Although, two insta-win two-card combos in a mono-color deck might be a problem.

  2. Training Grounds includes the text "This effect can't reduce the amount of mana an ability costs to activate to less than one mana."

    The second version is quite aesthetically pleasing; good job!

    1. Training Grounds!

      Yeah, we'd need to limit this somehow. That's one way. We could also say "the first time you activate each ability of enchanted permanent each turn, it costs {2} less to activate." Or we could just drop it to {1}, though there's still potential for trouble there.

  3. Aether Reflexes UW
    The first non-land ability you activate each turn costs 2 less to activate.
    The first non-land ability an opponent activates each turn costs 2 more to activate.