Wednesday, August 16, 2017

CCDD 081617—Crystal Growth

Cool Card Design of the Day
8/16/2017 - I wanted to make a Rampant Growth that's free once you have enough land, and ended up continuing the basic land theme in order to prevent it from untapped Gaea's Cradle and friends.


  1. It'll be interesting to see if the modern trend of only printing 3+ ramp spells continues. Green has only gotten two mana conditional accelerators like creatures or Ruin in their Wake for the last several years.

    1. That trend seems weird to me considering the supposed reason they starting only printing three mana mana rocks was because green was supposed to be the mana acceleration color.

    2. Providing a mix between conditional 2 costs and 3 costs with a benefit (like a clue, aftermath or cycling) fells like a good mix. Without 1 drop acceleration anymore, it's a pretty narrow design band when you need to outshine 3 Cost manas rocks.

    3. Revitalize the Land 3G
      Sorcery C
      Choose a basic land type and then search through your library for a basic land of that type and put it onto the battlefield. Shuffle your library and then untap all basic lands of that type you control.

    4. Don't forget CMC=2 ramp creatures. There are quite a few of those, and all of them are more interactive than regular ramp spells. They also prevent control - ramp decks from wrathing a turn early, which I feel like is a concern they've brought up.