Thursday, August 24, 2017

CCDD 082417—Jund Iguana

Cool Card Design of the Day
8/24/2017 - I wanted to pair firebreathing, the Rootwalla ability, and some black activated ability via stepped costs. This is the result.

Originally, {2}{B} got you deathtouch, because the iguana is supposed to be dangerous, and that would be relevant on a cheap 1/2, but given how lizards are famous for regrowing their tails, regenerate seemed the better fit.


  1. This is neat, but I think I'd like it a little better with any two of these abilities than all three together.

  2. I think if you are set on putting firebreathing and rootwalla on the same card it should at least start with square stats to make the math a little easier. I think there is a lot of tension between wanting most of your mana to be red for firebreathing and playing 3 colors. Maybe this is meant for a RG deck or a RB deck, not all 3.

    1. Square's fair. It could be a 1/1. Or a 2/2 for 2R.