Wednesday, August 9, 2017

CCDD 080917—Gaea's Lieutenant

Cool Card Design of the Day
8/9/2017 - I'll bet you can guess which product inspired today's design.

I liked the idea of a commander that's immune to the normal +{2} surcharge to re-cast. Originally, it got two lands when it died and none when it ETB'd, but this way gives him an immediate power boost (like Ulvenwald Hydra) and makes it less similar to Primeval Titan, as well as feeling better outside Commander.


  1. Having death triggers on legends is tricky because I'm pretty sure moving a commander to the command zone is a replacement ability. Was it intentional that this only grabs one land if it's your commander?

    Otherwise I like this a lot. Mono-green ramp is one of my favorite commander archetypes

    1. "ETB or LTB" fixes this, and makes interesting blink shenanigans possible.

    2. The intention was to gab two lands as your commander. LTB works.