Wednesday, November 29, 2017

CCDD 112917—Mirror Violence

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/29/2017 - Since green has absorbed creature-based damage from red, here's another something to base red damage off of.

(Of course, you can totally swing with a creature and then cast this. But at least it's not exactly Rabid Bite.)


  1. Could this be 1R "Mirrored Violence deals damage to target creature equal to the total damage dealt by sources you control this turn". Or "The next time target creature deals damage this turn it deals that much damage to another target creature or player as well".

    The effect is neat, I'd just try to avoid parcing out which single source deal the most damage this turn.

  2. Commander designers and Impact Resonance agree with you.

    I've never actually played with that card but it reads great and might not be that strong (perfect for a removal spell these days).