Thursday, November 9, 2017

CCDD 110917—Fervant Contradiction

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/9/2017 - Spell Blast meets Contradict.

Maybe that needs to cost one more—because counters and cantrips are a potent combo—but it looks printable, if strong.


  1. can we make it contiditional card draw?

    Biomancer's NO XUU
    counter target spell unless it's controler pays X
    if you control a creature draw a card.

    or what I personally find more interesting conditional counter

    Fervent Contradiction XUU
    return target spell to it's owners hand unless its controler pays X
    if X is 3 or more counter that spell unless Its controller pays X instead.
    draw a card
    (wondering if cost could be XU and draw if X > 5)

    1. Biomancer's NO works.
      The other one is messy.

    2. inspired:

      Wizard Rejection 1U
      Counter target spell with CMC <= the highest CMC among Wizards you control.

  2. Costing on this is hard. Dismiss was kinda playable at 4, Contradict was terrible at 5. XU would be very strong, but probably printable in Standard just because it's so terrible on the draw.

    1. Overwhelming Verbosity XU
      Instant U
      Counter target spell with converted mana cost X or less.
      If X is greater than that spells converted mana cost, draw a card.

    2. I think Dismiss was too strong at 4. Overwhelming Verbosity seems too strong too. But either way, it's a Development concern, not Design.

    3. True. XU counter target spell with cost X is just a weird design space, because the timing is off with the flow of a Magic game. You're always behind on mana on the draw, so 50% of games X+1 is a real struggle. Meanwhile, if you're on the play, you really have to bank on taking a turn off from pressing your tempo advantage to make this work.

    4. Which is why I suggest X+2 to counter _and_ draw a card. A card is worth 2, and X=X.