Tuesday, November 14, 2017

CCDD 111417—Erupt

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/14/2017 - Erupt is a kicker-subset keyword where you can enhance a spell by sacrificing lands. Because its purpose is to put excess land to use and not to make players mana-screw themselves, it only goes on spells with relatively high mana costs.

Design an erupt card in the comments below.


  1. Magma Butcher 2RB
    Creature - Elemental Demon
    Erupt X (You may sacrifice any number of lands as you cast ~.)
    Double strike, trample
    When CARDNAME deals damage to an opponent, exile a land card from your graveyard or CARDNAME deals that much damage to you.

    If you want to make this more punishing, development could put a "instead" on the end.

    1. Does a player play this on turn 4 with no other plays? Do they sack 3-4 lands hoping to win solely on the back of this?
      I like a lot of what you're doing here, but it seems to invite a lot of self-injury.

    2. Also, that last ability is really weird on its own.

    3. I think the idea is you get your opponent down to 10 with some variety of Goblin Guide/Goblin Piker/Vampire Cutthroat and then bet heavy on Magma Butcher to get the job done.

      Its efficiency of doing that is offset by the potential for blowback, but you have flexibility on whether and when to pay with life or lands - at least, you should. Might have to have an explicit "you may". If all you have is lands and this, it can get the job done, and some players might enjoy the risk & race. It also rewards opponents having incidental or global graveyard hate without totally shutting down the fun for either side.

  2. Ooh, that's nice. I wonder, is it possible to codify a specific abulity somehting like volcanic titan's, and then have additional bonus on some cards. Making it more like a creature ability and less like kicker.

    1. You could tie it to +1/+1 counters. Or for flavor you could tie to haste and some amount of +N/+N or +N/+0.
      Seems limiting, though.

  3. Terramorph 1RG
    Erupt 3
    Search you library for a basic land card and put them onto the battlefield tapped, if ~ was erupted search your library for four basic land cards instead

    The was a X version that was more powerful and swingy against control