Wednesday, July 25, 2018

CCDD 072518 - Tithe of the Deity

Jay's discussion regarding Wrath of God effects yesterday was very interesting. I don't fully agree with his thesis, but it definitely raised some interesting questions.

In the meantime, it had me thinking about wrath effects, and I came up with this.

We haven't seen "repay for this creature or lose it" effects in a while. The most recent, I believe, is Soul Tithe, and before that Disruption Aura. The effect used to be Blue, but now this would fall under White's taxing effects.

Tithe doesn't have the full game resetting effects of a Wrath of God, but creates a very strategic delayed mass removal effect. I originally just wanted the controller to repay each creature's devotion/colored part of the mana cost, but the card was already getting somewhat wordy, so I just made it a flat one-time payment of the full cost.

This works as an enchantment as well, although since after a turn it stopped doing anything (in most cases) I Opted to frontload some memory issues instead of cluttering up the board with irrelevant permanents.


  1. Does it want to be CMC, so it doesn't just kill all the tokens?

  2. "At the beginning of each player's next upkeep, for each creature they control, they sacrifice it unless they pay its mana cost."

    I like how this differs from Divine Reckoning, in that you can pay for 2+ small creatures.

    Soaking up everyone's mana for a round is a bummer, but I think well worth the cost of keeping creatures on board.

    1. I knew there was a better way to phrase it. Thanks!

    2. How about giving it a static cost, i.e. {3}, instead of checking cmc for each creature? This would benefit stronger creatures but makes it easier to keep count overall.

      I also don't like too much the idea of a Sorcery that creates a delayed trigger... How about stapling it to a creature? This way, you can develop a bit your board. This would also trigger for itself which makes for an interesting decision.

      Angel of Recollection {4}{W}{W}
      Creature - Angel (R)
      At the beginning of each player's upkeep, if CARDNAME entered the battlefield during your previous turn, for each creature they control, sacrifice it unless they pay {3}.

      Eh, I'm positive that the rules text could be improved though...

  3. Reverberating Cathedral 3WW
    Enchantment R
    When Reverberating Cathedral enters the battlefield, exile all creatures then return them to the battlefield.
    All nontoken creatures have echo with a cost equal to their mana cost.