Thursday, July 19, 2018

CCDD 071918—Exploit Disorder

Cool Card Design of the Day
Here's another. This card was designed to be a two-for-one, and appealing in that regard. But automatic, guaranteed two-for-ones are boring, so I found a pair of related states we could craft some removal around.

As a bonus, here's another way to approach the same goal:
Hit 'Em High, Hit 'Em Low gives you a choice of doing one without the other.


  1. Well everyone loves Kolaghan's command, which is pretty much a guarantee 2 for one, but also you push cards to too strong pretty quick with guarantee two for ones. I see exploit disorder being awesome in limited, not sure if it would break into standard play or not.

    1. Kolaghan's Command will most often net two cards because it's so flexible, but all four of its modes are conditional: It's almost impossible, but in theory, it could do nothing.

      Certainly, guaranteed 2:1s exist. Divination is common. But netting two cards and no mana is different from netting two cards and mana, and tempo, and potential attachments.

  2. Another fun (?) alternative would be to give it aftermath

    Strong // Weak
    {2}{w} - Sorcery
    Destroy target creature with power 4 or greater.
    {2}{b} - Sorcery
    Destroy target creature with power 3 or less.

    I think that exploit disorder is good but indeed a bit backbreaking in limited where you can target the creature they used to attack last turn and the creature they just played.

  3. Funny, I kind of felt like it was too weak because you couldn't play it unless you had two valid targets and was going to suggest a "Choose one or both" modal presentation. But I seem to be alone.

    1. Dev might find it's not quite cutting it for Constructed, in which case they can do "one or both," but the design wants to offer a big reward with a hoop.

  4. I'm honestly surprised that Asphyxiate is the only existing "destroy target untapped..." effect in Magic.

  5. A month late, but "Exploit Disorder" read the wrong way sounds like something that really shouldn't be printed on a magic card.