Friday, July 27, 2018

CCDD 0727/18—some other wraths

Cool Card Design of the Day
Here are a few Wrath effects that don't address the problem of disrupting the game's story, but work a bit differently than most.

Edit: Now destroys 'walkers. Was rare.
Day of Judgment as a legendary spell means that you at least need a creature to make the exchange, and a legendary one at that. The second line is flavorful trinket text; Akroma controllers almost never want to Wrath.
Parade of Martyrs lives somewhere between Balance, Barter in Blood, and Day of Judgment. It'd need playtesting to get a proper cost. At face-value, this is weak, but in a deck built around it, it's quite strong.
How is it unreasonable to ask a player to pay for each creature they're killing? Tell you what, killing your own creatures is on the house.

P.S: Black should get more mass removal than white.


  1. Eliminate the Competition is another related one.

    A legendary sorcery Wrath would see play almost exclusively alongside Planeswalkers to avoid its downside.

    Price of Vengeance is neat - almost a reverse Blasphemous Act.

    1. All good points. Let's upgrade Akroma's Wrath to also hit Planeswalkers. She's a killer!

  2. Black should absolutely get more mass removal than white, and should be the default wrath color.

  3. Shouldn't Price be "this spell costs 1 more to cast for each creature your opponents control?" That way people won't be confused by an X cost that they can't set.