Friday, November 2, 2018

CCDD 110218—Pangs of Regret

Cool Card Design of the Day
This design is from July of last year, which is why it uses the old damage template. It stood out to me as I scanned my folder because it's literally an undergrowth card, just red.


  1. I'm somewhat hoping Rakdos does get a mechanic that interacts with undergrowth in a meaningful way. Something revolving around discard or sacrificing creatures for additional benefits. As it is, undergrowth turned out to be a pretty thin mechanic overshadowed by surveil (which you often don't want to dump creatures) and jump-start (which doesn't interact with undergrowth unless you dump your creatures instead of your excess lands, which you generally also don't want to do).

    The value of undergrowth did end up seeming as thin in play as it appeared on paper. There needs to be some way to get additional value out of losing your creatures.

    1. RNA is going to be drafted by itself. It might help standard slightly, but that's more defined by powerful cards rather than set mechanics.