Tuesday, November 20, 2018

CCDD 112018—Eva and Elena

Cool Card Design of the Day
This art begged to be made into a red-blue legend for Innistrad.

I ended up with a better Goblin Test Pilot.

What do you design off this art?


  1. I love how this isn't a "may" trigger.

  2. I'm not sure about everyone else but to me this art looks like the person in the back is providing electrical energy to the person in front. Don't know how you would convey that in the text box.

  3. As somewhat of an aside, is there any guild in Ravnica that has become so thoroughly connected with a color pair's identity regardless of the setting as Izzet has with U/R? I originally thought you wrote Izzet and then noticed you said Innistrad. Yes, they are gothy mad scientists, but the card (with maybe slightly brighter art) would still scream Izzet.

    A lot of the other color pairings have identities that can be presented differently in other sets, but just about every UR pairing in every set feels like it could easily be Izzet.

    It's something I've just been thinking about as the latest Ravnica release brought U/R decks back into heavy play. Dominaria gave us some U/R wizard tribal, but it pretty much plays very similarly to Izzet and you can easily combine cards from the two sets.