Wednesday, November 7, 2018

CCDD 110718—Restrain

Cool Card Design of the Day
This counterspell can straight up counter a spell that costs the same or less. It can still answer a bigger spell, but only temporarily. I wanted to explore this space because it's problematic for unconditional countermagic to create a mana advantage.

While this is a relevant alternative to Cancel in Limited, it looks terribly weak, so I'm sharing the more pushed version as well:


  1. I like the pushed version a lot. It doesn't seem unreasonably strong. Most Modern decks would still run Mana Leak over it, which unfortunately has the opposite effect-- punishes high CMC spells over low ones.

    1. Yeah, it bugs me how Disdainful Stroke deals with expensive spells so efficiently. I get that it's the cheap threats that matter in larger formats, but it seems inappropriate for Standard.