Tuesday, October 13, 2020

CCDD 101320 - Irrational Exuberance

File this in the One With Nothing drawer, please.

Admittedly there are more corner cases where this does something useful-- "attacks if able" creatures, alliances in multiplayer games, and so on-- but like One With Nothing it mostly exists to ask the question "Is this really something you could see putting in a deck?"


  1. Oh, cool. Yeah, it's probably too niche to really see play, but unlike 1WN it makes me interested to know what you could do with it. Glad mana burn is gone :)


    * Play multiplayer, try to get some instant-recurring spells, so one friendly opponent can burn out everyone all the other players over an unlimited number of turns, but maybe build up your hand and mana while they do it to give you a chance against them afterwards.
    * Make sure all your spells and creatures are at worst neutral, and have as many instants as possible, and gamble that an extra card and untap and any mandatory attacks or effects are worth it.
    * Laboriously launder the bad turn through Magosi, the Waterveil :)
    * Have some lock over the whole game where each turn you take slowly kills your opponents but you can't really do anything else.

  2. It is an interesting card. It is great if you build your deck with cards that need to uptick over time, and which your deck would be unable to deal with, so your opponent cannot interact with them with your own resources. Cards that specifically target opponents...