Thursday, October 15, 2020

CCDD 101520 - Predator's Roar

The idea behind this card was to make a combat trick that rewards you specifically for using it to win combats.

Not sure how well it would play; it both rewards and punishes blocks, which is kind of interesting. This style of design can sometimes be a trap, where explicitly trying to reward certain kinds of gameplay instead causes the game to distort in different, unexpected ways.


  1. I like the idea.

    I assume it's supposed to be a creature you control?

  2. I think having this be a fight rather than a bite makes it hard to abuse. The most punishing thing this would probably do (if cast on a blocking creature) is helping a low power reach creature kill a flyer and pick off another one at end of turn. The most punishing outcome on attacks is if you swing in with a 6/6 that they chump block with a token and you get to pick off a big creature, still not much better than a fight spell.
    I really like this design though!