Thursday, November 12, 2015

CCDD 111215—Foothills & Murky Mountain

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/12/2015 - Both of these lands are meant to help you fix your colors, either slowly in a three-color deck, or colorlessly in a two-color deck.


  1. I like Foothills a lot. I can't imagine it would ever be correct to put Murky Mountain in a deck.

    1. I would put Murky Mountain in every black-red Limited deck I had the chance. If I draw it when I have only one of my two land types it guarantees I get the other type. If I already have enough land, I decline its ability. The colorless production doesn't matter at that point.

    2. I agree with you, Jay. If you play a Evolving Wilds, you also have to wait a turn to get your collours online. If you would play a one-of Evolving Wilds, you would also play Murky Mountain. And it even has an Advantage instead of Foothils: You can still play on Curve as you fix your mana. Even If I only play a R/G ramp deck, I can play a one of to secure a landdrop if I need it.

    3. I think "Hey, I drew a land, finally, I can get the color I'm missing" sounds great, but you're really paying two cards to get that color, because you are blanking your next draw step.

      Have you ever been Plow Undered? This card offers you the option to Plow Under yourself. Sure, it is sometimes right to use the ability, but even when it is, it feels awful. The "even Evolving Wilds makes you wait a turn" argument misses that you pay a whole extra card.

      What I do like about Murky Mountain that I see some potential in is that it is a form of two color fixing you would definitely never put in a deck with more than two colors, and I think that is something that would be good for limited. Some fixing makes games play better, but playing more than two colors in limited almost always makes games play worse (with a few exceptions, yadda yadda yadda).

  2. That is a very unique way of collour fixing, wich is cool, that can secure your landdrops. The right ammount of landdrops can really frustrate people. So this card would be a good addition to MTG