Monday, November 16, 2015

CCDD 111615—Nesting Baloth

Cool Card Design of the Day
11/16/2015 This is a Petravark unless you build a baloth-tribal deck, when it upgrades to Annex on a stick.

(This post was scheduled. Jay is in Poland pretending to be a Wizard just now.)

It might need to be rare or less efficient. It was totally top-down designed.


  1. Baloths typically have the Beast type, don't they? If this is a Beast and lets you cast Beasts, I'm totally on board.

    1. That would help, since as it is it's very narrow.

    2. Correct. Baloth is not its own creature type.

      That aside, I think the tribal ability is the least appealing part of this card. My reward for going into a narrow tribal theme is... to get conditional mana ramp from 5 to 6-7 lands?

  2. A 5/5 that takes a land for {3}{G}{G} is very pushed, and not in a fun way, in my opinion.

  3. As mentioned above efficient, uncommon land destruction is generally frowned upon. If you don't want to make the stats/cost worse, you could consider making it a drawback ability that must nest in one of your own lands, then you could probably reduce the cost by one and still have a powerful beast-matters card.